1000 – Brockman Syncline 4 Iron Ore - Revised Proposal


Proposal to amend Brockman Syncline 4 Iron Ore Project, located approximately 60km west-north-west of Tom Price, Shire of Ashburton, the subject of Ministerial Statement 717 dated 24 March 2006.

Attachment 1 - Replacement of conditions 3 - 8. Minor change to implementation conditions made under s46C approved on 23 April 2015.

Attachment 2 - Merging Area 1 and Area 2 into a single development envelope (Area 1) for mine pit and associated infrastructure; amendment to Schedule 2 coordinates defining the approved development envelope (Area 1); and update Figure 1 to reflect the above changes - change to proposal made under s45C approved on 26 August 2016.

Ministerial Statement File: 
Date of approval: 
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