1008 – Roe Highway Extension


Note: The decision of the Supreme Court of Western Australia in Save Beeliar Wetlands (Inc) and Anor v. Jacob [2015] WASC 482 was overturned by the Court of Appeal on Friday 15 July 2016 in Jacob v Save Beeliar Wetlands (Inc) [2016] WASCA 126. The effect of the Court of Appeal decision is that the Implementation Statement No.1008 dated 2 July 2015 is valid.


Attachment 1 to MInisterial Statement 1008 - Amendments to the development envelope to allow for additional clearing and disturbance. The additional areas will allow for works including the relocation of the pedestrian bridge over Kwinana Freeway, construction of noise walls and drainage structures, and the construction of a bridge over Farrington Road.

Attachment 2 to Ministerial Statement 1008 - Changes:

  • Amend the development envelope to define:
    • a road construction and operation zone to allow the construction and operation of the Murdoch Drive connection to Roe Highway and Kwinana Freeway
    • a rehabilitation zone to allow for the rehabilitation of areas cleared as part of the original proposal and no longer required for road construction.

S45c change to proposal approved  12 December 2018.

Ministerial Statement File: 
Date of approval: 
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