S45C changes to proposal

Title S45C changes to proposal Ministerial Statement Last updated
North Star Magnetite Project

Attachment 1 to Statement 993 - Change to area of Slurry Corridor Development Envelope; additional clearing for an Aerodrome in the Infrastructure Corridor; addition of Aerodrome to elements in the Infrastructure Development Corridor; and change to area of Infrastructure Corridor Development Envelope - changes to proposal under s45C approved on 22 August 2016.

Attachment 2 to Statement 993 - An increase in groundwater abstraction from the Water Corridor Development Envelope from 14 gigalitres per annum (GL/a) up to 20 GL/a, an increase of 6 GL/a, from the current authorised extent. - changes to proposal under s45C approved on 8 March 2019.

Ministerial Statement 993.pdf (PDF, 5.83 MB) 08 March 2019
Onslow Marine Support Base Stage 2 Capital Dredging

Attachment 1 to Statement 1077 - Changes:

  • Increase clearing by 4.5 hectares (ha) for the revised Dredge Material Management Area (DMMA);
  • Increase development envelope by 13.7 ha for the revised DMMA; and
  • Minor relocation of the DMMA dredge spoil return water discharge point.

Changes to proposal under s45C approved on 6 March 2019.

Ministerial Statement 1077.pdf (PDF, 1.84 MB) 06 March 2019
Kwinana Waste to Energy Project

Attachment 1 to Statement 1016 - amendment to waste types permitted to be processed - inclusion of commercial and industrial waste, which incorporates refuse collection from small businesses (i.e. rateable small businesses) where such a collection is carried out in conjunction with local government residual MSW collection; and amendment to waste types permitted to be processed – inclusion of pre-sorted construction and demolition waste - change to proposal under s45C approved on 31 January 2017.

Attachment 2 to Statement 1016 - Amendment to Summary of the Proposal to remove the specific named reference to the grate technology provider; amendment to Summary of the Proposal to update the Lot number for the location of the proposal; addition and definition of the term ‘Proven Grate Combustion Technology’ to Table 3; and Figure 1 and 2 replaced to reflect the updated Lot number - change to proposal under s45C approved on 3 August 2017.

Ministerial Statement 1016 (PDF, 1 MB) 05 March 2019
Sandy Ridge Project

Attachment 1 to Ministerial Statement 1078 - Changes:

  • Amend the development envelope from 1004.2 hectares to 1061 hectares to allow for relocation of groundwater abstraction infrastructure
  • Installation of a 1.5 megawatt solar farm for power generation
  • Addition of two stormwater sumps on internal roads in the infrastructure area
  • Reduction in the width of internal roads to the Class II landfill and along the groundwater pipeline to Carina Iron Ore Mine
  • Addition of an access road adjacent to Mt Dimer Road
  • Addition of a flood levee
  • Change in orientation and size of accommodation camp

Change to proposal approved under S45c on 5 February 2019.

Ministerial Statement 1078 (PDF, 1.76 MB) 05 February 2019
Coastal Road from Lancelin to Cervantes

Attachment to Statement 618 - Change to definition of proposal in Schedule 1, Key Characteristics Table - change to proposal under s45C approved on 16 March 2005.

Attachment 2 to Statement 618 – Changes:

  • Increasing area of vegetation disturbance for Ocean Drive passing lanes from 224.5 ha to 229.2 ha (addition of 4.7 ha)
  • Removal of average width of road construction area
  • Removal of duration of construction
  • Removal of standard of construction

Change to proposal approved under section 45C on 7 January 2019.

Ministerial Statement 618 (PDF, 748.76 KB) 07 January 2019
Roe Highway Stage 8 Extension

Attachment 1 to MInisterial Statement 1008 - Amendments to the development envelope to allow for additional clearing and disturbance. The additional areas will allow for works including the relocation of the pedestrian bridge over Kwinana Freeway, construction of noise walls and drainage structures, and the construction of a bridge over Farrington Road.

Attachment 2 to Ministerial Statement 1008 - Changes:

  • Amend the development envelope to define:
    • a road construction and operation zone to allow the construction and operation of the Murdoch Drive connection to Roe Highway and Kwinana Freeway
    • a rehabilitation zone to allow for the rehabilitation of areas cleared as part of the original proposal and no longer required for road construction.

S45c change to proposal approved  12 December 2018.

Ministerial Statement 1008.pdf (PDF, 4.54 MB) 12 December 2018
Red Hill Quarry Development

Attachment 1 to Statement 912 – Increase in disturbance footprint by 3.6 hectares – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 12 December 2018.

Ministerial Statement 912.pdf (PDF, 1.34 MB) 12 December 2018
Carlton Plain - Stage 1

Attachment 1 to Statement 1081 –

  • Change the proposals spatial coordinates from MGA Zone 50 to MGA Zone 52.
  • Change the name of the Coordinates Document Reference Number from DWERDA-024955 to DWERDA-038318.
  • Update Figure 1 with revised shapefiles to include Pump Site 2 and the revised development size from 3,086 ha to 3,055 ha.

Change to proposal approved under section 45C on 7 December 2018.

Ministerial Statement 1081.pdf (PDF, 805.37 KB) 07 December 2018
Perth Groundwater Replenishment Scheme Stage 2

Attachment 1 to Ministerial Statement 1065 - Increase in the development envelope to allow for laydown areas and pipe stringing; and a change in the alignment of the recharge pipeline and development envelope to allow for greater lengths of trenchless construction – change to proposal approved under s45C on 7 May 2018.

Attachment 2 to Ministerial Statement 1065:


  • modified location and alignment of the pipe being installed using trenchless technology including relocation of the two drill pits at either end of the 'trenchless technology' instalation
  • addition of approximately 50 metres of pipe between the new trenchless technology installation and the approved alignment which will be constructed using open trench construction methods; and
  • removal from the develpment envelope of approximately 385 metres (m) of pipe installation.

Change to proposal approved under s45C on 4 December 2018.

Ministerial Statement 1065.pdf (PDF, 3 MB) 04 December 2018
Cape Preston East – Multi-Commodity Export Facility

Attachment 1 to Statement 949 - Increase the footprint required for marine infrastructure from 3.2 hectares (ha) to 4.8 ha; increase the overall project development envelope from 401.2 ha to 402.8 ha; update Figure 2 and coordinates defining disturbance envelopes - s45C change to proposal approved on 8 April 2015.

Attachment 2 to Statement 949 - Revise the development envelope boundaries to accommodate the access road re-alignment; decrease the development envelope area from 2,942 hectares (ha) to 2,552 ha; increase in total disturbance from 402.8 ha to 413.2 ha; and update Figures 1 and 2, and delineation coordinates - change to proposal approved on 1 May 2017.

Attachment 3 to Statement 949 - Change of purpose from a single commodity export facility (iron ore) to a multiple commodity export facility (iron ore and salt); Change to the name of the proposal - change to proposal approved on 19 September 2018.

Ministerial Statement 949 (PDF, 2.8 MB) 12 November 2018